With my first year of law school. ¬†ūüôā

Only two more years to go!


One final down, two to go! ¬†And one paper, but that’s not nearly so bad.

So, I have my four-hour long (!) property final tomorrow at 9 am.

It’s all multiple choice (with some true/false thrown in for good measure).

I’m terrified. ¬†You can’t BS your way through a multiple choice exam! ¬†I mean, it’s like my professor actually expects me to know¬†this stuff. ¬†The nerve!

Alright, I’m going to bed. ¬†No point studying anymore, and I have to get up early tomorrow since I’m currently staying with my parents (I hate studying in the law library during finals…way too intense). ¬†I have about an hour drive back to school, so I’m planning on leaving a bit early just in case there’s loads of traffic. ¬†I figure the sooner I get there, the more time I have to cram various stuff in my head (like the Rule Against Perpetuities, which can suck it).

My first law school final (Constitutional Law I) for the spring semester is tomorrow.

I’m a bit nervous.

One big reason why I’m nervous is because it’s closed book. ¬†I hate closed book exams. ¬†I feel like I know the material well, but I like having an outline with me, just in case I forget something. ¬†It’s like a security blanket.

Another reason why I’m nervous is because my professor is an extremely tough grader. ¬†She tends to give out a lot of Cs, and the last few years she’s even had several Ds and Fs. ¬†*insert worried expression here* ¬†Oy, I hope I do well. ¬†Especially since she’s my professor for Constitutional Law II next semester.

Alright, just a little bit more studying, then off to bed.  Wish me luck!

I’ve been getting a lot of visits to my blog lately, and they’ve all been focused on the same topic: ¬†post exam anxiety. ¬†Unfortunately, they’ve all been directed to my first post on that very subject, which is not very helpful. ¬†At all. ¬†Sorry! ¬†I thought I’d try to help all those poor souls by writing another post. ¬†But take this advice with a grain of salt…I still haven’t a clue how I did on my own exams.

So what’s my wonderful advice on surviving law school exams? ¬†CHILL OUT. ¬†Seriously. ¬†If you are googling “post exam anxiety” then that tells me that you have already taken your exams. ¬†So stop worrying. ¬†There is absolutely nothing you can do to change your answers at this point. ¬†So eat some cookies, drink some eggnog, and enjoy your time away from school with your family and friends. ¬†You’ll have plenty of time to freak out about your grades when you actually know what they are.

Studying for my criminal law final is starting to make me feel homicidal…

Get it?  Get it?  Homicidal?

Shut up. ¬†I’m funny.


Edit: ¬†I’ve now been told by several people that this joke is not, in fact, funny. ¬†But you know what? ¬†I’ve been reading criminal law cases all day and drinking loads of caffeine and this post makes me giggle. ¬†Seriously, when I wrote it I couldn’t stop giggling. ¬†It still makes me giggle.* ¬†Oh boy, that definitely means it’s time for bed. ¬†Criminal law final tomorrow! ¬†And (hopefully) no more bad jokes!


*¬†Giggle is a funny word isn’t it? ¬†Giggle giggle giggle.

And so it begins. ¬†My very first law school final is this afternoon in civil procedure. ¬†I’m nervous, but not freaked out nervous. ¬†I wrote my outline, listened to the Barbri lecture online (and why isn’t that guy teaching at my school? ¬†He was awesome), and reviewed old exams and hypos.

So what’s my problem?

Last night I dreamt about taking the final. ¬†ALL NIGHT. ¬†And they weren’t good dreams. ¬†They were, “OMG I totally forgot my outline” or “I’m late for my final!” dreams.

Not cool brain, not cool at all.

Now I’m going to finish reviewing and make sure I actually have everything I need. ¬†At least it will be over soon! ¬†Wish me luck!