One final down, two to go!  And one paper, but that’s not nearly so bad.

So, I have my four-hour long (!) property final tomorrow at 9 am.

It’s all multiple choice (with some true/false thrown in for good measure).

I’m terrified.  You can’t BS your way through a multiple choice exam!  I mean, it’s like my professor actually expects me to know this stuff.  The nerve!

Alright, I’m going to bed.  No point studying anymore, and I have to get up early tomorrow since I’m currently staying with my parents (I hate studying in the law library during finals…way too intense).  I have about an hour drive back to school, so I’m planning on leaving a bit early just in case there’s loads of traffic.  I figure the sooner I get there, the more time I have to cram various stuff in my head (like the Rule Against Perpetuities, which can suck it).