This afternoon our career services center had an information session on fall recruiting.  A lady from the office and two students (a 2L and a 3L) were there to give us advice.  Unfortunately the entire thing was such a huge waste of time.

First of all?  I know I need a resume and cover letter.  That’s very obvious.  You don’t need to spend a huge chunk of time telling us all how important they both are.  Instead, why don’t you tell us how many employers participate in OCI, how many big law/public interest/etc, and how many us of will actually get jobs?  Those are the facts we really want and need to know.

Secondly?  Were those two students really the best you could do?  OMG.  The 2L was a total Debbie Downer.  He told us that he’s a really good student, but didn’t manage to get a job during fall recruiting (“I was really hopeful, at first”).  He then went on and on about how important grades are to getting jobs.  After he finished speaking, I was left thinking that I wouldn’t hire him either.  Who wants to work with such a “down” person!  And the 3L wasn’t much better.  At least she wasn’t a Debbie Downer.  She spoke about networking, and how she networked with a person while flying to Colorado (where she wants to work), who set her up to interview for a teaching position at the University of Colorado.  I’m happy for her, but teaching?  I doubt that’s a law related field.  And not everybody has to go into a law field after graduating from law school, but right now most of us really want to practice law.

So what did I get out of this session?  Unfortunately, not much.  I knew going into law school that grades are super important for big law jobs (which thankfully I don’t want anyway…my grades aren’t that good!), and that networking is also very important.  AND I can proudly say that while my grades are not the best (definitely not top 20%!), I used networking to my advantage and scored a 1L summer job in January while most of my classmates were still looking.  So I’m planning on using networking to my advantage again.  Fingers crossed!