March 2011

Oral arguments are a right of passage for every law student.  They can be terrifying, but they are mostly fun.

Yes, that’s right, I said fun.

Honestly, I’m surprised I feel this way.  When I applied to law school, most of my family and friends were shocked.  “Law school?  But you don’t like to argue!”  When I started law school, I had several ideas of what area of law I would like to pursue.  Maybe intellectual property law, since my undergraduate degree is in engineering.  Or, how about environmental law?  Maybe even health law, since I worked as a nurse’s aide in a hospital for over a year.  But I was absolutely, 100% sure about one thing…there was no way you’d find me in a courtroom.

Now?  Well, I’m still not sure what I want to do…but I’m no longer opposed to working in a courtroom.  And I have my oral argument to thank for that.

My argument was last Friday.  I put on my spiffy suit, made my hair look all nice and shiny, and walked into my argument feeling super prepared.  My opposing counsel and I spoke beforehand, and we both mentioned how nervous we felt.  Neither of us were very comfortable speaking in front of people, and for oral arguments we had to present our case in front of three judges!  A little bit scary.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with oral arguments, they are different from presentations you may have given in college.  In college, you walk to the front of the class, present your research (or whatever, I was an engineer remember), and took questions at the very end.  No interruptions!  Oral arguments are different.  During oral arguments, the judges interrupt you with questions almost as soon as you begin.

In my case, I managed to get through my intro (May it please the court, etc.), my overall them, and my roadmap.  I just started my first argument, when I was interrupted.  And the questions didn’t stop.  Unfortunately I couldn’t answer every question, and when I sat down I have to admit feeling a little blue.  I thought the fact that I couldn’t answer the question meant that I did absolutely horrible.  But!  At the end of our oral argument, the judges gave us feedback.  The judge who absolutely hammered me with questions admitted that he didn’t know how to answer those questions, and just wanted to see my reaction.  Apparently I did everything I was supposed to do in that situation.  I kept a straight face (no shocked expression, according to the judge), answered to the best of my ability, and kept going.

So to summarize:  oral arguments are fun.  Maybe I’ll compete in the moot court summer competition?


I’m going to a baby shower this afternoon.  As the title of my post indicates, I’m not very happy about it.  I’ve decided that showers in general (baby/wedding/whatever) are excruciatingly boring for everyone involved except (of course) the person getting all the presents.  Does this mean I’m not very girly?  Eh, oh well.

Some things I hate about baby showers:

1. Being forced to sit around in a circle and ooh and ahh while the expecting mother opens presents.
2. Baby shower games.  Smell the diaper?  No thank you!
3. Baby shower food.  I get it, you’re having a baby.  But does everything have to be rattle shaped?
4. Forced small talk with people I don’t know.
5. Forced/awkward small talk with people I used to be friends with in high school.

So as you can see, I’m not really looking forward to this shower.  Hopefully it goes by fast!

And don’t worry folks, if I ever have a baby shower, I promise to provide lots of alcohol.  You’re welcome.

Who’s ready for a pointless post?

I am!

Okay, so I think one of the best things about blogging is the fact that you can connect with loads of people from all over the world.  Here are some of the countries that have found my tiny piece of the internet, even if it was completely by accident (and I don’t care, it totally counts).



United Kingdom!





New Zealand!


Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis!

Saudi Arabia!

Look at all of those flags!  Now if any of them are incorrect, let me know and I’ll change it.  I took all of the flags off wikipedia, so that’s my excuse if they’re wrong.

So long time no talk.  In my last post I mentioned a law school drama.  I could use this post to primarily go over that “scandal,” or I could use this post to talk about my own troubles.  Hmm.  I think maybe a little bit of both?

So first: law school drama.  Those of you in the know may have heard that a school falsely reported LSAT and GPA numbers to the ABA.  Well, that was my school.  On the plus side, my school actually reported the falsification.  We weren’t “caught” doing it.  But still, everyone in my school was upset.  The faculty and staff spoke to the students at length, trying to make everyone feel better about the situation.  Now that a few weeks have passed, things have quieted down a bit.  So hopefully this won’t hurt my school too much.  I promise, I do go to a very good school.  Really!

Okay, now my own “drama.”  Recently I’ve had this overwhelming feeling of failure.  Feeling like, no matter what I do, nothing is ever good enough.  Here’s the thing you guys, I used to be very smart.  I got excellent grades in high school, and did very well in my engineering program in college.  I didn’t graduate cum laude, but I did well.  Now?  Now I feel like a complete failure.  I study, I work hard, but my grades don’t reflect that.  I made the mistake of telling my parents my fall semester grades (I’m an honest person, what can I say?) and now I feel like whatever I do isn’t good enough.  To be more specific, my mother is making me feel awful.  Now I should probably let you all know that I am very close to my mom.  We tell each other everything, and I’ve always been honest with her about my courses.  Even now, with me in law school and paying for my own education.  So I told her my frustrations with my courses, my so-so grades (which may cause me to lose my scholarship), and whatnot.  I’ve also been considering moving back home to save some money and commuting to school (about an hour each way).  My mom is now comparing me to her, saying that I’m not a hard worker (even though she always said I was before), I don’t work nearly as hard as she does, and she’s afraid of getting into loads of fights and arguments if I move back home.  And here’s the thing you guys…I’m currently on my spring break.  I’ve been sleeping in, watching stupid television, and just relaxing in general.  Yes, I’ve also been studying, but not as much as I guess I should.  But it’s not enough.  It’s never enough.

And something else?  On top of feeling like a complete failure academically, I’m also feeling like a failure for not being thin.  I had dinner with my grandparents a few days ago, and the first thing my grandfather said when he saw me was, “Hey, are you getting plump?  How much weight have you gained?”  Yup, seriously.  Cue the waterworks.

So in conclusion…life kind of sucks right now.  Hopefully everybody else is having a better spring break than me.  It can’t get much worse.


Edit:  Feeling better.  Honestly, I am.  I’m still not 100% happy, but getting there.  I’ve decided that what I want from life is to be happy.  That’s all.  I don’t care if I make loads of money, and I don’t want to work my life away.  I’m not in the top of my class, but I know I’m smart.  I’m a hard worker, but I also know how to have fun and relax.  And I’m not skinny, but damn it, I’m pretty!  I just felt like I had to end this post on a happy note.  My life may not be perfect, but I have it pretty good.  I’m going to stop letting the little things in life get me down.