November 2010

So I decided that a once a week blog post is probably the best I can do right now.  I’m currently in the middle of memo mania*, so obviously instead of diligently working on it I’ve decided to do a list post.  Why?  Cus I’m lazy and am doing everything I can to avoid working on this thing of course.  Enjoy!

5 Things that have changed since the beginning of the semester:

1.  Reading for classes.  In the beginning of the semester I did what every good little 1L does…I completed all of the readings days in advance.  Sometimes I would do a week’s worth of class readings over the weekend, then go over it another time before class.  Yeah, I was nuts.  Now?  Well this week is probably a bad example, with the memo and all, but I have yet to read for even one of my classes this week.  I still go to class, of course, but I’ve definitely started slacking when it comes to reading.

2.  Briefing cases.  Again, in the beginning of the semester I fully briefed every single case in the casebook.  I would write a full-page brief on the facts of the case, procedural history, issues, rules, and holding.  During the course of the semester these briefs have gotten smaller and smaller, and now I don’t write them at all.  I am a full believer in the book briefing method.  It’s definitely quicker, and to be honest those crazy long briefs I wrote earlier in the semester were full of things I really don’t need to know.  The only bad thing about the book briefing method is the fact that I go through highlighters like crazy.

3.  Living in fear of the socratic method.  All new 1Ls are absolutely terrified of the socratic method.  I know I was.  “What if I don’t know the answer?  What if I sound like an idiot?”  Honestly?  No one cares.  No one in your class is going to remember the incredibly dumb thing you said in the beginning of the semester.  And you know what?  You probably did a lot better than you give yourself credit for.  I’ve only been called on twice (that’s right, be jealous), and both times I thought I did horrible.  But everybody I talked to afterwards thought I did a good job.  Your classmates are just so happy that they’re not the one in the hot seat that they really don’t care what you say.  And that becomes even more true near the end of the semester.  There are several students in my classes who tend to go on Facebook, shop, or play fantasy football during the entire class.  They wouldn’t have dared to do that in September, but by November they realize that the socratic method is not as scary as they originally thought.

4.  Caring what my classmates think. My professors allow the use of laptops in the classroom.  Some don’t, but I got lucky.  I sit near the front of all my classes, so everybody behind me can see what I am doing on my computer.  In September I used my laptop for taking notes.  I never once checked my email during a lecture, and certainly never used it to go on Facebook.  I didn’t want my classmates to think worse of me for slacking off during class.  Now?  I still primarily use my computer to take notes, but I’ve also gone online to check email, look at my Facebook newsfeed, read interesting articles on CNN**…you get the gist.

5.  Having a life. Now I’m not the poster child for wild parties, but in the beginning of the semester I had so much more free time.  Students went out every weekend, and sometimes even went out during the week.  Now we’re all in memo writing, outlining, and studying for finals hell, so going out is pretty much out of the question.

*  This memo is worth 70% of my grade in Legal Writing.  If any future law students read my blog, please, for your own sake, go to a law school that makes legal writing pass/fail.  You’ll thank me later.
** I usually go online when the gunners in my class all start raising their hands and asking the professors really off topic questions.  Not to sound like a bitch, but I really don’t care what you think.  If you think you have something really interesting to tell the professor, please do it after class.


So.  Law School.  Here’s the thing, I really like law school.  I do.  Even on days like today, when it is completely kicking my ass.

I’ve started outlining, I’m working on my memo like crazy, and I’m doing everything I can to keep up with my class readings.  But you know what?  I just can’t do it all!  It’s so much!  I felt much more in control in the beginning of the semester.  I was even able to read ahead most weeks.  But now?  I feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water.

On the plus side, I have this Thursday to look forward to.  My roommate is turning 23 and we are going to Atlantic City to celebrate!  I’ve never been to Atlantic City before, so it should be a lot of fun.  Now I just have to find something to wear…


Ok, so I really didn’t want to talk about politics in my blog.  But I’m a little bit peeved right now, and it’s my blog, so here I go.

My cousins on my father’s side are all very conservative.  (And please note, this post is not an attack on conservatives.  There are stupid people on both sides.  With that said, I shall continue my story).  One of my younger cousins posted something on Facebook about how there is a lot of red on the television, and her friend commented.  Here is the condensed version:

Cousin:  . . . hope you all like the color RED, because there is quite alot of it!! 🙂
Friend:   It’s a start!  Now where is Oswald?
Cousin:  . . . you mean Waldo?
Friend:  No, I mean Lee Harvey Oswald.

Seriously?  I couldn’t believe her friend wrote that.  I mean, I can completely understand not agreeing with the president.  That’s fine, that’s why you go out and vote.  But to imply that this country would be better off if someone assassinated the president?  That’s not only just plain stupid, it’s also incredibly offensive.

And that’s basically what I wrote when I commented on her thread.  Now keep in mind that this is a cousin I rarely (if ever) talk to.  I wasn’t sure if I should write anything, you know, don’t want to rock the boat.  But things like that just get me so mad.

So in short, I don’t care if you’re a conservative, liberal, or anything else.  But please don’t imply that killing our president would be a good thing.  Or else face the wrath of Lauren.

And on a lighter note…

Edit – I just noticed the name of the video says that Colbert and Stewart are bashing America/mocking conservatives.  Sooo not true.  They’re just singing an awesome song!  Stupid YouTube.

Weekend updates!  I went to a Halloween party Saturday night, and it was so much fun.  And here’s the thing…I went to this party ALONE.  I was originally planning on going with my roommate, but she decided against it.  I texted other people in my class but none of them wanted to go.  So I was left with the question:  should I stay or should I go?  Now I don’t know about you guys, but I rarely go anywhere by myself.  And I especially hate going to parties by myself.  But I put my big girl shoes on (and my pretty sweet Snow White costume) and went.  And you know what?  I had FUN.  I even played some drinking games with my classmates, including Never Have I Ever.  I have got to be the most innocent person in my section.  I couldn’t believe some of the things my classmates have done!  Good God.  Fortunately that game didn’t last very long.

Now we’re going into the final stretch.  I honestly can’t believe how fast this semester is going!  I still remember being in orientation, and now I’m starting to study for finals.  Crazy.  We just got our graded memo assignment (this is basically our final for legal writing), we have a legal research exam on Wednesday (but this class is pass/fail, so no worries), and now the outlining begins!  I’ve been putting off outlining but I can’t justify putting it off any longer.  It’s go time!  I really want to do well (as does every other law student), and I don’t want to end the semester thinking I could have done more to prepare.

Ready?  Set?  GO!