October 2010

Remember in my last post, when I said I’d write back relatively soon?  Yeah, totally lied about that.  Sorry folks!  I just haven’t had time to write anything.  And I apologize in advance for how disjointed this post appears.  If I’m not too lazy I may edit it later.

These past two weeks have been intense.  My criminal law class was canceled last week so that we could complete a court observation.  I was very excited about sitting in on a real trial.  Though, of course, I didn’t actually get to see a trial.  Instead I saw a few bail hearings.  Still interesting, but not really what I was expecting.  I’m a bit of a Law & Order junkie (what law student isn’t?) so I guess I was expecting more drama.  But most of the participants just looked bored.  After the court observation we had to write a short paper (worth 10% of our overall grade).  I know 10% isn’t a huge chunk, but I couldn’t help but overanalyze my paper and work on it for hours.  Hence the reason why I’m so freakin tired.  Four hours of sleep just isn’t enough.

Breaking news from last week:  we have a snitch in my section!  Since the beginning of the semester, my civil procedure professor refused to cold call on girls.  There was a rumor going around that the reason why he refused to cold call girls was because he made a girl cry in the past.  A little sexist, I know, but I was completely cool with that.  BUT!  Some guy in my section actually told my professor that he hasn’t cold called a girl.  So for the past week my professor has started calling on girls, and ONLY girls.  Moral of the story?  Snitching is not nice.  Don’t do it.  Unless you’re totally cool with every girl in the class hating you.*

I seriously cannot wait for this week to be over.  I’m visiting my sister at my alma mater (and apparently it’s Homecoming Weekend?  huh, totally missed the ball on that one), and we’re going to a concert and a movie.  CAN NOT WAIT.  And it’s also Halloween weekend!  AND I’m going to a party!  I never go to Halloween costume parties so I’m super excited.  Though it was difficult finding a costume.  Most costumes for women are slutty/naughty (fill in the blank).  I didn’t want to be slutty anything, but I also didn’t want to wear a full length costume.  So I decided to go as Snow White.  She’s the one Disney princess I think I can pull off, since my hair is kind of short and I am very pale.  Hopefully it looks good!

Alright, time to get back to work.  I have a Bluebook citation quiz in one hour.  Then I’m going to go home and take a very long nap.  At least it’ll give me something to look forward to!

* I know this seems like a silly thing to be upset about, but everybody in my section hates civil procedure.  Most of the time we leave class feeling more confused than we started.  Knowing that I wouldn’t be called on unexpectedly was a huge stress reliever.  Hate snitches!


This is how I’m spending my time in the law school library.  I was originally planning on doing some actual work before my 5pm meeting, but the work I was planning on doing I unfortunately left in the trunk of my car.  And my car is parked a fair bit away from the law school.  And it’s cold out.  And I found a really comfy nook in the library.  And I don’t want to, okay?  SO BACK OFF.

*clears throat*  Okay, where was I?  Right, zombie apocalypse.  Brains to protect, zombies to kill, and all that.  I promise to write back relatively soon with updates from the weekend.  I had fun, but not as much fun as some people (some chick in another section got a DUI..whatttt?).  Now back to the zombies!

And PS – installing this game on my computer in the middle of the semester was probably not my brightest idea.


It’s been one week since my last post and so much has happened.  Here’s the short version:

1) Fall break – So much fun and very relaxing.  Well, for the most part.  I may go into more detail later, but for now let me just say that it was nice being home and not having to worry about law school for a few days.  I did bring a lot of work home…but I did not touch the books all weekend.  Oh well.  It was nice having the time off.

2) Legal writing memo update – Ok, remember that ungraded memo I worked on and turned in a few weeks ago?  Well I met with my professor this week.  And it wasn’t awful.  She told me that she can tell I’m a good writer (yay!), but that I needed to put more time into my memo.  Some people put thirty hours of work into this thing.  Um, maybe I’m just a huge slacker, but that seems a little crazy to me.  Now we have to revise our memo based on her comments, meet with our “lawyering teams”, and schedule a team meeting with her in a few weeks.  Things are definitely starting to pick up in this class.

3) Making friends – here’s the thing…I haven’t made tons of friends yet.  My school seems to be very cliquey.  Most people made a group of friends within the first few weeks.  It takes me a bit more time to make friends.  I’m a little atypical.  I don’t like drinking all the time, and don’t really care about going to loud bars/clubs where you can’t hear the people you went out with.  Unfortunately, that seems to be what a lot of people around here like doing.  God I feel old.  Maybe that’s why I’m getting all of those AARP emails?  *coughs*  Anyway, this week has been different.  I went out for dinner with some girls from my section and had a really good time.  Things are looking up!

4) Socratic method – I finally got called on in torts.  I knew it was coming, and thought I had it all figured out.  I thought to myself, “there are only four people ahead of me.  That means I will be called for the fifth case.”  I prepared for the case I thought I would get, including trying to think about what questions the professor would ask me.  And of course, the professor decided to focus on some cases in the notes.  Which meant I was called on for a case I didn’t fully prepare for.  I thought I did awful, but everyone I talked to thought I did a good job.  Yay!  Now I don’t need to worry about being called on in torts for a few more weeks.

5) Law school events – Tonight is a social event for the law school crowd.  The law school is sponsoring a cocktail hour for all students and faculty.  I bought myself a very pretty dress, borrowed a nice wrap from my mom (I’m not ashamed), and did my hair and makeup nicely.  In short, I feel very pretty.  I usually don’t think about being pretty (for example, today I wore a sweatshirt and minimal makeup to class – it was cold this morning and I was lazy), but there’s just something about getting all dressed up that makes me feel wonderful.

First of all, let me just say that drinking and blogging don’t mix.  Ok, now for the big stuff.

Remember when I said I felt pretty good about my midterm?  Yeah…well, now I feel like I screwed up majorly.  I decided in advance that I wasn’t going to talk to anyone about the exam (taking it once is bad enough, right?), but of course I can’t stop my classmates from talking about it around me.  One guy went into great detail about his analysis, and even had time to go into policy on his exam answer.  Um, I barely had enough time to  finish answering the question.  But now I know what to expect, and if I do poorly I’m planning on scheduling a meeting with my professor to discuss how I can do better.

Now for the good news…it’s fall break!  Holy crap, I can’t believe how much time has passed since starting school.  I drove my roommate to the airport bright and early this morning and then drove home.  I brought all of my books and study aids home so hopefully I’ll be able to get some studying done.  I know, I’m a nerd.  And tonight I’m going out for sushi with my mom.  This will be a fun and productive break (fingers crossed!).

Edit:  This is completely off topic, but I just got an email from AARP.  Dude, I’m too young for this shit.  I’m only 24!

*The great Roger Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon.  Awesome movie.  Even if Mel Gibson is now a douche*

Criminal law midterm today.  I think it went well, though I’m not positive.  Maybe thinking it went well is a bad sign?  I basically dumped everything I could think of (that was relevant to the topic of course) into my exam answer.   Sigh.  At least this way I’ll know what I need to work on for the final.  (And remember, it won’t actually hurt my grade!  Just my pride…)

So this is me, writing a blog post, when I’ve had a little bit too much to drink.  Here’s the honest truth:  I hardly ever drink.  I’m Irish (and Scottish!), but I’m a bit of a light weight.  I went out with a few friends tonight and we had a lot of fun.  But I drank.  A lot.  Well, a lot for me.  I’m reading this post over and over and trying to make sure that there are no grammatical errors or spelling errors (so it doesn’t look like a drunk post), but I’ve definitely had too much to drink.  Oh well.  I did have fun, and I did meet a lot of new people.  That’s important for me, since I haven’t really made friends yet.  I mean, I’ve talked to people in class and after class but I don’t really have a group of friends.  I am trying though.  Anyway, I did meet a lot of nice girls, and I think I might go out with them again.  But maybe next time we’ll do something a little low key.  You know, less drinking.  Oh crap, now I’m hiccuping.  Aargh, so annoying.

Plus side?  I think I did decent on my midterm.  I won’t know for a few weeks but I feel pretty good.  I also met lots of nice people tonight and I did have a lot of fun.  And most important, my first and only class tomorrow is at 1:40pm, so I have a lot of time to sleep off whatever I have.  (did I mention that I’ve never had a hangover?  No?  Well let’s hope that tradition continues…)

Negative side?  Being a little drunk, for one.  I’m never drunk.  I actually lived in the no alcohol, no drugs, no smoking housing all four years of college.  So this is really new for me.  And these hiccups are really annoying.

Time for bed.  Good night world.  Let’s hope I don’t regret this post in the morning.

My section’s midterm is this Wednesday.  My law school class has three sections.  Sections A and B have a midterm in Criminal Law while Section C has a midterm in Civil Procedure.  I’m in Section A.  My Criminal Law midterm will not hurt my overall grade if I do poorly.  However, if I happen to kick some Criminal Law butt, then my midterm grade will replace one of the questions on my final.  So I really want to do well.

I have a tendency to get really nervous during exams.  When I get nervous, I do poorly.  An example of that?  During my junior year of college I studied abroad in Scotland.  I had such a blast meeting new people and traveling.  My classes on the other hand….eh, not so much fun.  One of the classes I had to take (as in, I had no choice) was Thermodynamics.  Hated that class.  I studied hard for the final but knew that I was not comfortable with a certain area.  I figured, what are the odds that the professor would give me that type of question?  And wouldn’t you know it…there were three questions on the final and they were all variations of that topic.  I completely freaked out.  I just sat there staring at my paper.  I managed to scribble something down but I knew I did horrible. When I got my report card a month after returning home I immediately started crying.  I failed!  Me!  I never fail anything…but I failed this class.  And all because I let myself feel overwhelmed.*

Since my tendency to do poorly when I feel overwhelmed has hurt me in the past, right now I’m doing everything I can to feel less stressed.  I’m reminding myself that this exam will not hurt me and will not affect my overall grade.  If I get a bad mark, I’ll just use it as a learning experience.  This way I’ll know what not to do for my final exam.  I figure it’s better to get a poor grade now during midterms (when it doesn’t count!) than during finals.

And because I like putting picture/videos in my blog, this is what I am going to be doing for the rest of the week:

*There is a happy ending to the story.  I guess schools in the UK expect their students to fail some exams (no joke) so they allow students to come back in August to take another final.  I flew back, took the Thermo final (on my 21st birthday), and got an A.  Take that Thermo!