September 2010

Ok, so my memo was due today. I was up all night trying to write the stupid thing.  Ok, well not all night but much later than I intended.  I am definitely not skilled in legal writing.  CREAC can suck it.  But at least it’s over.  And I don’t really have to worry about it until I meet with my professor.  She had us sign up for individual conferences to discuss our memos.  My memo sucks, so I’m not looking forward to that discussion.  Maybe I’ll start the conference by saying, “I was an engineering major!  They don’t care if we can write!”  Technically that’s not true since I went to a liberal arts college, but she doesn’t have to know that.

Since I was working on the memo all day yesterday I did not have time to read for today’s civil procedure class.  I never thought I would skip doing readings when I was a 0L; the thought of being called on unexpectedly and being unprepared was terrifying.  But I think I’ve been pretty lucky with my professors.  My torts professor believes in cold calling, but she goes in reverse alphabetical order.  Theoretically you could count all the people between you and the current student and figure out which case you’ll get.  Not like I did that. (I’ll probably be called on next week).  In criminal law my professor has split us all up into different teams.  He’ll usually call on a team and ask them a question.  That’s nice because it’s not just you in the hot seat.  Everybody on your team can help.  My team was called on a few weeks ago.  Nobody said anything, so I opened my mouth and started talking.  I never volunteer answers in class but I can’t just sit there when everybody else on my team is being quiet.  But it wasn’t as scary as cold calling since I was able to turn to my team when I started running out of steam.  Now civil procedure is completely different.  He never cold calls.  There are usually enough students in the class who are willing to answer his questions (sometimes I love gunners) so he doesn’t have to rely on his seating chart.  But today was different.  He asked some question on jurisdiction.  I don’t really remember what we were talking about (see title of post).  I was on auto-pilot in class and daydreaming about the nap I would take as soon as class ended.  I love naps.  Anyway, since no one volunteered an answer he started calling on random students.  Everybody around me started getting nervous.  Fortunately, the gunners came to the rescue, and everybody was able to  relax.  Moral of the story?  DO YOUR READINGS!  Even if a professor doesn’t usually cold call, you don’t want to be unprepared when he changes his mind.

*Reading torts is more fun with Bella*


Most of the time I love Facebook.  My parents were in the military, so we moved around a lot when I was little.  I lived in five different states.  That doesn’t seem like a big deal to me, but most of my friends have lived in the same house since they were born.  Whenever we moved to a new state I always told my friends that I would keep in touch.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  What can I say, I suck at writing letters.  But Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with childhood friends.  I love using Facebook to see what my friends (old and new) are up to.  But times like today make me wish Facebook wasn’t such a big part of my life.

I tend to accept most friend requests.  I always do a quick look through the person’s profile if I do not know the name offhand (are they friends with any of my friends?  Did we go to the same high school or college?).  If we have mutual friends and they don’t look like a total creeper I’ll usually accept the request.  This is generally not a problem.  I have over 200 friends on Facebook and I’d say that I’m really, truly friends with about a quarter of them.  Most of my other “friends” are either close acquaintances, school contacts (people who friend you right after meeting you in class, at a party, or club meeting), and of course the family members you never talk to and didn’t really want to friend but felt like you had to anyway (except my wonderful sister, of course!  love ya, sis!).  There is also a very small group of people who I can honestly say I have no idea who they are.

So here’s the problem…one of the girls in the “have no idea” group has sent me a message.  And not one of those messages people send to everybody on their friends list (Please be my neighbor!  Join my mafia!  or whatever is the current rage).  This was a very specific message sent to me.  She sent me a private message that says: “Hi Lauren!  What’s new with you?”  I know, nothing big, and certainly nothing to get worked up over.  But I can’t ignore the message.  I guess I could send a message back, just telling her what I’ve been up to since high school (which is how I think we’re supposed to know each other).  But what if she starts asking me very specific questions?  I don’t remember this girl!  I feel horrible for saying that, but it’s true.  Usually I’m the girl people end up forgetting (and that’s not me throwing a pity party, it’s the truth).  So this is completely new territory for me.

So here’s my question:  What the hell should I do?  Has this happened to anyone else?  Help!

My legal writing section has a memo due this week.  It is not graded, but that’s not stopping most of my 1L section from freaking the hell out.  Everybody is seriously stressing over this thing.  I understand that this is an important skill to learn, but I wish people would stop freaking themselves out about this thing.  Why should I care if my classmates are insane?  Well, first of all it’s annoying.  I do not need to hear about how many cases you’ve downloaded and analyzed and how long you’ve been working on the memo already.  I get it, you’re working very hard for an ungraded assignment.  Mostly, though, it’s starting to make me nervous.  I’m trying to be calm and rational about this (it is not graded, it’s just for practice!) but it’s hard to ignore what everybody else is doing.  Sigh.  That’s why I’m currently working on a Saturday night (I know, I’m sad).  But I did have time for a Dr Horrible study break.  NPH always makes me happy (even when the crazy law students are driving me nuts).  I have to show the world the awesomeness that is Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, so please enjoy these two clips.  Now back to writing this memo.

Edit:  For some reason the clips aren’t showing up in my blog, but trust me, this is definitely worth seeing.  Especially is you love NPH (like me).

Finished my fourth week of classes!  I can’t believe that I’ve been in school for almost a month, time really flies.  We finished our closed memo (closed meaning that they give you all the cases you need), and this week we’re starting our first open memo.  I’m a little nervous about it since I haven’t written very much since college.  Actually, I didn’t write that much in college either.  Lab reports hardly count.  But on the plus side I did very well on my writing diagnostic.  The writing diagnostic exam is brand new at my school.  All 1Ls have to take the exam, and it helps identify weaknesses so the students know which areas they need the most help.  Anyway, I did pretty good.  Guess I have to stop telling people that engineering majors can’t write.

The law school activity fair was this week.  The clubs took over the cafeteria and 1Ls could sign up for whatever struck their fancy.  I signed up for a lot of clubs.  The Innocence Project, the Health Law club, the Environmental Law club, the Pro Bono Society, the Irish Law Society (I am Irish, so that’s a given), and lots of other clubs I was at least a tiny bit interested in.  I was also talked into signing up for the Latin American club.  I’m not Latina (not even a little), but in my defense the fair was very crowded and it got to the point where I was signing up whenever somebody asked me.  I do like Mexican food though.

And because I’m a completely crazy person, I sent a few emails out to the military this week.  I thought about joining the military (more specifically, the Navy) a few years ago but never finished the application.  I even had a recruiter.  But I really didn’t want to be an engineer (I would have joined the Civil Engineer Corp and probably would have been a Seabee).  I knew I wanted to go to law school and joining the Navy would have meant putting off law school for at least four years.  And I knew I was primarily thinking about the Navy because nobody else would hire me.  Being unemployed sucks.  Like, really, really sucks.  In my town nobody was hiring engineers unless they had at least five years of experience.  I had none, so that made things difficult.  It got to the point where I was applying everywhere (I have a huge list of retailers who wouldn’t hire me).  Since I would have joined the Navy for the wrong reasons I decided to not finish my application.  But now that I’m in law school I’ve started considering the military again.  I still have time to think about it.  But I wanted to get some more information first, hence the reason why I sent the emails.   We’ll see what happens.

Since I’m tired and can’t concentrate on work right now (see my last post), I thought I’d do a fun (or sad, depending on how you look at it) list.

You know you got to law school way too early when:

1.  You get a really good parking space in the law school garage.
2.  You can still see the moon when you walk from the garage to the law school building.
3.  The lights are on inside the building, but the front doors are locked.
4.  You have to wave at the security guard and hope he thinks you’re normal enough to let inside (but if he has to let you in, then you’re there too early and we all know you cannot be classified as “normal”).
5.  The security guard tells you that you’re the first one to arrive.
6.  You can get to your locker easily and without having to wait your turn.
7.  The law library is dark.
8.  You can study at your favorite desk…and nobody is around to irritate you!
9.  You have enough time to finish the day’s readings before your first class.
10. You have time to make a pointless list.

I went home for the weekend for my little sister’s birthday and had a blast.  It was nice seeing everyone and just take a break from law school.  I’m definitely paying for it now, though.  I managed to do some work at home, but I’m going to be very busy today.  And it doesn’t help that I’m so freakishly tired right now.  I woke up at 3am so I could get on the road right away and beat the traffic, and got to the law school building at 4:30am.  The security guard probably thinks I’m nuts.  The law school is so quiet right now it’s a little spooky.  On the plus side, I managed to finish my reading for today’s classes.  And I almost finished my memo that’s due tomorrow.  I really wished today wasn’t my busy day.  I have my three major classes (two hour torts lecture, criminal law, and civil procedure) and I have my TA session for legal writing.  So I won’t get to my apartment until 4pm.  I’m already looking forward to my nap.  🙂

I’m really sorry if none of this makes sense…I didn’t get much sleep last night.  Did I mention I’m tired?  Maybe I’ll try to edit this later for clarity.  But if it comes to that or a nap…the nap’s going to win.

At the end of Torts I checked my university email and discovered that my criminal law class was cancelled (seriously, this is week three and I’ve had professors cancel two classes already…what gives?)  Since I was officially done with class for the day I thought, “This will be a great time to finish my library research assignment.”  Well, looks like everyone else in my 1L section had the same exact thought.  Unfortunately, this assignment requires us to look through very specific books in the library (sort of like a treasure hunt, but less fun).  Madness ensues:

Except in this scenario the wildebeest are 1Ls.  And I guess Simba would be any poor 2L or 3L who happens to get in our way.  Note to all law students…the library isn’t safe.  Seek higher ground.  At least until we’re done with our treasure hunt.

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